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Specializing in private & group sessions, workshops, retreats, and corporate events. Virtual and in-person sessions available.

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What is Elemental Rhythm Breathwork?

Breathwork is “breathing in a specific pattern to achieve a certain goal”. During an Elemental Rhythm breathwork session, you combine different types of breaths (inhalation and exhalation) for different durations, speeds, and intensities together with breath holds or retentions (on inhale or exhale). This affects the central nervous system and ripples out as physical, mental and emotional changes. Elemental Rhythm Breathwork incorporates music to add a unique touch to the breathwork experience. It also implements somatic movement at the beginning of each session for a full body, mind, and soul experience.

Combining Modalities

Mindful Soul Movement (MsM) uses a combination of holistic techniques to help individuals create a life of wellness. These holistic techniques are tailored for different ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds. The combination of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and reiki (energy work) are powerful and transformative practices which can all be combined in one session.

MsM offers a 2-hour session of full immersive holistic practices that have proven to heal trauma, physical ailments, anxiety disorders, and depression. Studies also show that practicing holistic techniques reset and calibrate the nervous system, assist in neuroplasticity, improve immune function and alleviate sleeping disorders.

Alexandra Burkowsky is a dedicated advocate of individual empowerment in wellness, education, and personal development. Her approach involves close collaboration with clients to help them rediscover their intrinsic self-value and authenticity through holistic practices, such as breathwork, yoga, meditation, and reiki.

Alexandra attained a bachelor’s in nursing from Florida Atlantic University. She also earned her certification in the field of education. Alexandra’s background in nursing and education inspired her to teach the science behind holistic practices to clients all around the globe.

Alexandra’s first experience with breathwork sparked a transformative process, leading to a life altering trajectory shift. This moment was the key factor impelling her to attain certification as an Elemental Rhythm Breathwork facilitator and yoga instructor. Alexandra embodies expertise in the wellness field as she assists in empowering and transforming individuals from all walks of life.

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